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Why CDI?

CDI Trainers are among the best trained in the UK. We are all licensed by the Driving Standards Agency (the Government body set up to regulate driving instructors in the UK). By taking driving lessons with us, you can be assured of the best possible start.

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Cornwall based

Covering the whole of Central Cornwall, all lessons are one to one and you will not have lessons with anyone else in the car. We use good, modern cars for all of our training. All of our cars are fitted with the latest dual controls for safety and peace of mind.

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Learn from the best

All of our Trainers at CDI are fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructors. DSA Pass Plus registered and Members of Driving Instructors Associations, ensure that the training you receive is top class. Our instructors are at least GRADE 5 or Advanced.

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Cornwall driving pass test

We offer a complete set of services for both domestic and commercial

  • Weekly lessons
  • Intensive courses
  • Pass Plus
  • Residential Intensive Courses
  • Driver evaluation for medical and legal reports
  • Defensive/Fleet driving courses for companies
  • SAFED van training. (Safe and fuel efficient driving)
  • Mini Bus training etc.
  • Taxi Driver tests, evaluation and training.
  • ADI Part 1, 2 & 3 Training

Whether you are choosing driving tuition for yourself or for a member of your family, it is vital that you make the right choice. The safe drivers of tomorrow are the well-taught learners of today.

We provide a comprehensive structured training program, with accelerated learning which is fun and with a competent instructor who cares

Barry Nevill


ADI + Fleet Trainer + RoSPA Advanced + SAFED

Truro, Falmouth, Camborne and surrounding areas

Tel: 01872 865929

Mob: 07818 074140

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Why not get away from it all and have a week or two in Cornwall. Staying in a local bed & breakfast, country cottage or hotel. Complete this with an Intensive course to get you to test standard. Between lessons you will have time to study for your next lesson. With enough time to enjoy the local beauty and attractions. Specially negotiated accommodation prices. Near the end of your stay, take your driving test. These courses have proved to be very successful. Where having a lesson a week is good, normal people will always have to repeat at least part of the previous lesson every time they go out. On an intensive course where you are going out every day, this does not happen so on every lesson you make good progress. Please note: You will need to have passed your theory test before we can book your course and driving test. DSA practical test waiting lists can be from 6 to 12 weeks. Please plan ahead when you want to take one of these courses. All prices on application.

Have you got company vehicles?

  • Do you have employees driving company vehicles?
  • Have you completed a risk assessment on your drivers?
  • Have you ongoing staff training in place for you drivers?

If you do and you haven't and you don't then if they are involved in a road traffic accident then your company could be held accountable by the HSE with large financial penalties. We can offer your company defensive driving courses by our fully DSA (Driving Standards Agency) qualified Fleet trainers. What are the benefits to your company:

  • HSE compliancy
  • fewer accidents involving your vehicles
  • fewer vehicles off the road
  • fewer sick days
  • less stress for your drivers

We can offer Fleet training packages for Company vehicle drivers. Our Fleet Trainers can help to improve and update the driving skills of your company drivers. Courses can be tailored to your individual needs upon request. SAFED (safe and fuel efficient driving) at the moment this is a Government sponsored scheme aimed at van drivers. Training is provided at a SUBSIDISED rate to qualifying companies dependant on size of company. Fuel savings of 10% or more are possible after training. Benefits such as cheaper insurance may be available.

As a new service, we are pleased to be able to offer the following to the Taxi trade; Evaluation of prospective Taxi drivers. We can, independently test any potential Taxi drivers offering you a report on the persons suitability to become a Taxi driver. Prospective Taxi driver training. For those that wish to become Taxi drivers in an area where Local Authorities have driving tests. We can prepare you for these tests so that you fully aware of the requirements and are driving to the required standard. Taxi Driver tests. We now offer Taxi Driver tests to Local Authorities. These tests can either be up to the DSA Taxi Driver test standards or where requested to the Local Authorities own standards. We are currently Authorised by a Local Authority in Cornwall to perform Driver tests on their behalf

What is Pass Plus?

So you have passed you driving test. The examiner tells you about Pass Plus. You think, ‘Why should I do another test if I don’t have to?’ Simple – Pass Plus will give you that extra training needed to make you safe on all types of roads. You will be trained on subjects that you will not have covered in your training for the Practical driving test and if that wasn’t enough, once you have completed Pass Plus most insurance companies will offer you up to 30% discount on your premiums – some have been known to go as high as 50%.

What does Pass Plus consist of?

It is 6 modules over at least 6 hours of extra training. They consist of driving in the following situations:

  • Dual Carriageway
  • Motorway
  • City Centre
  • Rural Country Roads
  • Night time
  • Bad Weather

The course can either be completed in 2 separate sessions or for those that prefer as one session. At the end of the course we will determine if you have reached the necessary level of competency. If you have, we will pass you there and then. No more test to do!!! Please note – not all instructors offering Pass Plus take you onto the Motorway if it is far away, they do this in theory. We do – it is very important that you have practical knowledge of Motorway driving to enable you to be a safe and competent driver for the future. You don’t have to have trained with CDI originally for us to take you for your Pass Plus.

We are pleased to be able to offer ADI training. If you have decided to become a driving instructor and are wondering where to go for training, then look no further. Probably more cost effective than going to the Big companies that spend a fortune on advertising and promise the world. We can offer you help, training and advice for your part 1 (Theory test) and full training to get you through your Part 2 (driving test) and Part 3 (Instructional test).